We just added a bunch of product photos for some new items, along with items that were missing product photos in the past. I noticed 2 knives that are still missing photos (one of which i can do soon, and the other i have to wait until it restocks). Among the new photos are the benriner replacement blades, rust erasers, and kochi deba. In addition, we will be adding a new line of plating tweezers on friday (photos are done already though).

If you guys notice any products that are missing photos, please let us know. I also know there are some really old product photos still up. When we have time, we will be replacing the old and not so great photos with newer, updated photos.

As of now, the only two items i could find without photos were:
-Gesshin Heiji 270mm Semi-Stainless Sujihiki
-Gesshin Uraku 210mm Kurouchi White #2 Wa-Gyuto