I spent the day today adding lots of new blocks to our web store.
Some of the new blocks that I added are;

Natural (not stabilized) Bog Oak. These blocks were not stabilized so they can be used for textured handles. I get requests for pieces like this to be textured by sandblasting, wire brushing or carving. These blocks are quarter sawn and show some figure. Good charcoal gray/black coloring. The log these blocks were cut from was carbon dated to be 5460 years old. A copy of the carbon dating certificate is included with each block.

Dyed & Stabilized Oregon Maple Burl.

Stabilized Hawaiian Silky Oak

These are just some of the new pieces I added to the web store yesterday and today.

Last I looked there were 176 Stabilized blocks to choose from and more on the way from getting stabilized at K&G.