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Thread: Some beef splitters and cleavers

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    Some beef splitters and cleavers

    Been collecting vintage cleavers for a few years. Much to my wife's dismay I'm over 14, lost count. I just picked up another beef splitter but don't have a picture yet. I do have a few that I've reprofiled and thinned that see real kitchen use.

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    WOW that's insane! Nice collection

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    I ran out of thumbs... Sweet kit sir!

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    These are all the big boys, 10" ers.

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    Wow I think we were separated at birth...Ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    Awesome. I love the beef splitter.
    All normal people love meat. If I went to a barbeque and there was no meat, I would say 'Yo Goober! Where's the meat?'.- Homer Simpson

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    It all started when my son and I watched Bill the Butcher on Gangs of New York. I was fascinated with the big cleaver he used so we started the search for a cleaver.... went a little crazy after that

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    These two are cleaned up with a semi-mirror edge.

    Briddell with my smallest cleaver, a D2 neck knife

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    We could be best friends.....if you find a Beatty. #7 or 9 for me

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