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Thread: Thinning a Chef's Choice Trizor Blade

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    Thinning a Chef's Choice Trizor Blade

    I've had this 220 mm Chef's Choice Trizor chef's knife for about 15 years. It's advertised to be RC 60 and I believe it. When I got this knife RC 60 was a big deal, especially compared to European knives. I'd never even heard of Japanese knives. I've kept this knife around to use as a beater because it has a thick blade and it's pretty tough.

    Last week I got a new stone, a 320 grit Shapton Pro, and I wanted to give it a try so I thought I'd thin the Trizor blade. I ground a 10 degree primary bevel with my DMT XXC. I couldn't believe how long this took (an hour!). In the middle of this process I had a conversation with Dave (on an unrelated topic) and he happened to mention that he tried to get rid of the wire edge early in the sharpening. I tried, I really did, after the DMT XXC, but with not much luck. I have a 750X loupe so I can see the burrs.

    I then went to the 320 stone and then I was able to strip the wire edge off with a champagne cork. Then to the 1K, 5K, and 8K Shapton Pros but this time I went to the hard felt to deburr.

    For the secondary bevel I started with the 1K through the 12K stones and finished with a CrO2 loaded strop with a hard felt between stones. At last I have a good edge.

    I don't know if this is the best way to thin an edge and I would appreciate any input from you folks.

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    Sounds fine to me. I don't use XXC to sharpen. Less coarse diamond stones seem to work pretty quickly already and don't leave such deep scratches in the metal. Most of the time, I've been use a 400 Gesshin or 500 Beston for edge thinning jobs.

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