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Thread: FS: Kato workhorse gyuto 240mm

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    FS: Kato workhorse gyuto 240mm

    Selling my kato 240mm workhorse gyuto. Acquired from Huw in like new condition (apart from a slight chip at the heel, about 1mm, probably due to shipping, it was since rounded and will not affect cutting in anyway). I have re-finished the blade with sandpaper to remove most of the vertical grinding marks and sharpened it twice on Jnats.
    Also included, is a not so well made friction fit snake wood saya made by me
    The reason I am selling is because I so like the Kato workhorse that I decided to grab the last Kato Kikuryu that Maxim has. It is now coming my way so I am selling the workhorse.

    Asking: US$440 with free worldwide DHL shipping.
    Payment method paypal: gift or + 3%

    Aussie buyers: AU$450 with free registered shipping. Direct deposit preferred, or paypal with the above condition.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Nice job James! Great idea picking up the Kikuryu! You are gonna love it!
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    Thanks mate, I initially wasn't sure about if I really like the Kato, but after using the suji and gyuto, I am more than convinced!

    Quote Originally Posted by Von blewitt View Post
    Nice job James! Great idea picking up the Kikuryu! You are gonna love it!

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    If I'd not bought one new, I'd be all over this.

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    Youre beautiful I just want you to know youre my favorite workhorse
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    Let me know when you are tyred of your new Kato Kikuryu , it's rally a great looking knife.

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