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Thread: Cutting Performance - Reasonable Expectations

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    I don't own a carter knife, but I have heard nothing but the best about him and his customer service. Happy to hear it all worked out for you.

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    The knife arrived last night. Cooked a simple dinner last night, but suffice it to say, I had enough time with it to tell that it’s a totally different knife.
    It cuts great and has definitely exceeded my expectations. I let my wife try it out too and she was just silent as she was very slowly cutting through some veggies. I asked what she was doing and I got this verbatim response; “I’m just enjoying how this knife cuts, is that ok?”

    Now I'm just going to sit here patiently waiting for a Nakiri to come up on his site that catches my eye.

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    Excellent news, and thanks for the update!

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    Good to hear.

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    It had to be an oddball, some of the best performers out there usually.

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    carter is real good about corrections however with his volume increase since he moved to the states some not nominal blades slip out. one of my buddies got three & one wssould'nt cut up to par. however murray said to send it back to check the rockwell. my 3 kitchen knives were purchased about 10 years back & the first cut veges for 3 months before i needed to touch it up. that model had the center part of the blade made of hitachi white at 65 rockwell. cranky72

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    just a quick followup.

    It's been ~6mos, use this thing on a near daily frequency and about one month ago is when i finally started to notice it wasnt crazy sharp.
    took my time, progressed up to a 5k s&g gesshin, stropped on CrOx, and was done in ~5-10 mins.

    such a fantastic knife. so sharp and hard and durable. cuts great. quick to sharpen.

    it's a shame, cause I hardly use my other nice knives.

    STILL waiting for a nakiri i like to pop up on his website. one day i suppose

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    Thanks for updating.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    somebody gets a takeda that wedges and the hoards freak out. someones carter cuts like shite brand new and nobody bats an eye..

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    In my personal experience (2 x Carter, 4 x Takeda), Carter pulled a knife from final QC inspection, refused to sell it as agreed, returned my funds and put me on the top of the list for a custom of similar style all before I knew what happened because he didn't like the final quality (...and he sold the original for less on his 2nds page). On 3 out of 4 Takedas, when I asked questions and sent pictures showing warps and profile issues (and these were before his recent production changes), I was told "your knife is perfect. If it's not perfect, the next one you buy will be more perfect."
    Just my experience

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