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Thread: Baked taters advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    Also, you have to remember, during service when a baker is picked up is when we pop it in the convection uncovered and it gets the nice crisp skin outside.
    Ah, that makes sense. So quick question from a home cook. Timing baked potatoes is annoying, so doing ahead would be nice. Once done in the foil, how long to reheat and crisp skin? I've never tried a largely do-ahead potato.

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    One other caution about baking potatoes in foil -- the potential for botulism. See this link from the NIH: CLICK ME
    In April 1994, the largest outbreak of botulism in the United States since 1978 occurred in El Paso, Texas. Thirty persons were affected; 4 required mechanical ventilation. All ate food from a Greek restaurant. The attack rate among persons who ate a potato-based dip was 86% (19/22) compared with 6% (11/176) among persons who did not eat the dip (relative risk [RR] = 13.8; 95% confidence interval [CI], 7.6-25.1). The attack rate among persons who ate an eggplant-based dip was 67% (6/9) compared with 13% (241189) among persons who did not (RR = 5.2; 95% CI, 2.9-9.5). Botulism toxin type A was detected from patients and in both dips. Toxin formation resulted from holding aluminum foil-wrapped baked potatoes at room temperature, apparently for several days, before they were used in the dips. Consumers should be informed of the potential hazards caused by holding foil-wrapped potatoes at ambient temperatures after cooking.
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