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Thread: first saya...for hiro

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    I just finished 2 handles with wenge and didn't struggle with it. I would consider it splintery, but not as much as the piece of padauk i personally worked with. Never tried zebrawood. I didn't take measurements on the saya so i don't know what thickness it is. It's now at my in-laws, so i'll try to get that info next time i'm up there. thanks again!

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    Thanks for the fast reply. I haven't worked with padauk in some time and maybe it was so bad the last time I used it, that I have avoided it for all this time :-) I recently made a door in Zebra wood and it was a bear - rowed, splintery, smelly, hard and awful dust. My impressions are based on making furniture so they may not translate to making handles. No worries about the thickness measurement. I was really just curious. And once again great job on the saya!

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    +1 to smelly
    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph"! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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    This looks pretty awesome.

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