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Thread: Looking to build up butchering section of my knife collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by toek View Post
    Consider safety, butchering is tricky you have to navigate the knife around joints and bones its sometimes bloody and fatty and slippery you do really need a knife with a good safe non slip handle, even more so if you progress to actual slaughter.

    Also you will cut into bones (unless you are a wizard), a to acute angle and hard steel and it will chip.

    With slaughter and butchering we use the Eka line knives, the slightly curved deboner and bullnose do the job well.
    This is good advice. When it comes to butchering the European knives are superior IMO.

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    Just an FYI: There is a forgecraft butchers set with its original wall caddy on the bay for a buy it now of $70. Needs some cleaning but looks cool.

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    My parents have a farm and we raise, slaughter and butcher our own beef and pork. We use nothing but Victorinox. They are perfect for this type of work.

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