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Thread: Back from vacation and back to work

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    Back from vacation and back to work

    Hey guys... made it back from vacation last night. Back to work today. I saw there are quite a few posts that i need to answer here... i will try to get to them today right after we get all of our shipments out and answer the backlog of e-mails.


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    Welcome home, hope you had a great time!


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    hope you had a great vacation! now get back to answering e-mails at 3am

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    Jon: I wish the best for your shop. Hope you and Sara get a great start!

    Good luck my friend

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    Thanks guys... just finished most of the e-mails... forum messages will get tackled after a brief nap

    @Matt I blame your jinx for me being up at 4am answering e-mails and messages :P

    @Oivind We just picked up keys for the store yesterday... moving in starts on the 15th... we are very exicted. Thanks so much.

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    Hope you enjoyed yourselves Jon! Pace yourself though, no need to kill yourself trying to catch up. I look forward to seeing the store when you have it up and going.
    - Sean

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    I can't wait to see pictures of the store when its up and running.

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