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Thread: Which knife as a gift for mom?

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    Senior Member Talim's Avatar
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    What is the cleaver on the top used for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talim View Post
    What is the cleaver on the top used for?
    Choppin' though bones, near as I can tell! Here's the description from KF of that image:
    "The knife at the top is something I am going to call a bone hatchet from here on out. It has a 300mm blade and weighs more than the other 2 combined (3 lbs?). The spine goes from 8mm at the handle to 9mm at the nose. It's sharpened more like a hatchet, and is extremely nose-heavy. If it gets sharpened up I think it could take the leg off a rhino.
    The middle knife is a butcher's cleaver, literally called a pork knife in Chinese. Blade is 265mm, with a 7mm spine that tapers to a point at the tip. Interesting all around meat knife.
    The bottom knife is a 285mm pig sticker for bleeding pigs. I, however, think it would make a decent heavy gyuto. The tip is quite thin, and the spine is 5mm at the handle."

    Vestigia nulla retrorsum.

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    Wow, those are some seriously intense looking knives...

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    LOL, only to those who have something impressive

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