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Thread: Trying to decide on Marko Tsourkan gyuto handles

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    I have one in d handle and really like it.

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    +1, one of each! choose type of wood carefully, if you consider to order a match saya. some burl wood are very expensive & hard to find for size of saya....

    Charles ***[All statements I made here only my personal opinion and nothing more!]*** & Please bare with me for my crappy English!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by icanhaschzbrgr View Post
    I've yet to see a handle by Marko which I doesn't like. Regardless of shape and materials used.
    My personal preferences are Marko's D handles.

    whatever marko produces is pure beauty...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecchef View Post
    Have you contacted Marko to se if he's comfortable with working with your choices? Some makers have materials that they would prefer not to work with.
    Trying to get in touch with him.

    Quote Originally Posted by bkultra View Post
    It's all personal preference. Marko has my Masamoto Honyaki currently and I went with his D shaped handle made from unstablized koa. I love the look of koa and it should not effect the balancing point of the knife (being lighter than other woods I like).
    Interesting... I didn't think about different wood weight!

    Quote Originally Posted by icanhaschzbrgr View Post
    Do you really need both 240 masamoto and 225 Marko's knives? My bet is you'd end up selling masamoto at some point in the future. Gonna watch for it in BST
    Actually, the Masamoto 240 is 250mm, really. So I thought that having a 250mm and 225mm might be interesting, and they do have a slightly different profile.

    I'll try to post pics of the different products (Masamoto rehandle, Marko gyuto, cutting board and strop) once I receive them - probably in a few months.

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    Markups handles are the best to have had both D and octagon and I prefer his D handle. His current with the metal yip
    Are really something else!

    Can't go wrong either way

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    After a good bit of buying and selling oveR the last couple years i now only own western handled knives. Something about wa-handles knives doesn't work for me.

    BUT, I did very briefly take possession of a Marko knife with a D handle, and have to say it was about as good as I could want the non-pointy end of a knife to be. I would absolutely go for the D handle if I were you.

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