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Thread: hand forged henkel

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    hand forged henkel
    this old timer has 11 in. blade. you need strong wrists to work long with this biggie

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    if you don't mind, I'd insert your images right here

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    Attachment 20727. I like that "FOR CUTTING NOT FOR CHOPPING"

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    That is too cool!
    "See... the problem here is that... my little brother, this morning, got his arm caught in the microwave, and uh... my grandmother dropped acid and she freaked out, and hijacked a school bus full of... penguins, so it's kind of a family crisis... so come back later? Great."
    -Lane Myer (Definitely not as in Oscar Mayer)

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    Love it! Dibbs.

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    thanks to icanhas for posting my pics. i will try image code next time instead of direct send.--cranky72 p.s. wish i had a pic of the old jordan triple a [aaa] forged with persian boxwood.

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