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Thread: Any chefs ever go out and speak to awkward customers?

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    Any chefs ever go out and speak to awkward customers?

    I work at a pretty mid-level kitchen, I doubt it is as fancy as many of the chefs who use this site, but what does everyone here think of kitchen staff going out to speak to ****** customers in person?

    What prompted this post, is that where I work last week a long-time troublesome customer was unhappy with his meal and said some highly offensive things about the kitchen staff and the waiting staff, including calling the Head Chef the r word. Upon hearing this, the Chef confronted this person and asked him why he had said such things, and later this guy was barred

    Personally I have never done this and never will because I am pretty thick skinned, but has anyone else here ever actually went out and spoken to awkward customers? Is it a regular occurance?

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    r word?
    Spike C
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    I would tell the customer to never come back. He ruins the night for the surrounding guests, and therefor he/she cant come to this place anymore

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    I've fired my share of customers. It's obviously something you try and prevent but when push comes to shove, I shove.

    The last one wasn't aware I booted his boss previously. When he laid into me some of the locals at the table were seen giggling. They knew where it was going.

    P.S. The benefits of ownership.

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    I am at the sushi bar my wife serves, as owners when that happens all I can do is hope she handles it first. I am working hard on my be nice skills Sometimes the customer has a legit complaint, sometimes not. Kitchen staff will never engage customer other than customer to say wounderful meal. The one thing I learned from owners standpoint...Society you`re a crazy breed !
    As for being called Retarded, I would have put on a helmet and had fun with that

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    My sister has Down's Syndrome. I really hate that word because it implies that people with disabilities, including Down's Syndrome, are stupid. Frankly, people with disabilities and Down's Syndrome are much nicer and more polite than any customer who uses that word.

    If I were Salty, I would "conveniently" come out of the kitchen with either the DT Scimitar or the Nenohi Yanagiba and hold it while talking to the rude customer. I would imagine they would be more polite in voicing their complaints.

    Then, I would tell them to F off. I don't think they would argue back.
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    Most of the time the FOH Manager will take care of it .
    but if they want to see the chef no problem it's part of the business
    if it does get sticky i with smile escort there party to the door.
    Chef /Owner has a lot more say some restaurant your the chef and you go by the rules of the owners . but if they make some waiter cry and the guest thinks that he paid for slave services . I will act

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    I have gone out to talk to people. Usually before they order when the waitress is having a hard time conveying what they want and what we can provide. Irate people I don't have to deal with much.
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    I've never had that experience personally, but I would assume that if that person causes a disruption among other patrons, or insults any staff member, It would usually fall in the hands of the FOH mgr.

    As for insulting the BOH or chef, unless physically confronted, I think it would be best if that was kept under wraps. This will keep it from escalating into something big.

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    Where I've worked, it was always dealt with by the FOH manager unless there is a complain that the guest wants to make personally to the chef himself. And unless the complain was legit, the guy would get a black star next to his name. 3 black stars means you are NOT WELCOME lol.

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