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Thread: Stormy Stone DISCOUNT

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    Stormy Stone DISCOUNT

    While Storm go Crazy Here in Flat Land Denmark
    I will do brief Holiday surprise

    There is 20 % Discount on All Japanese Natural Stones

    Discount Code: C61A30AB1C80B67

    Expire Date 7th Dec 2013 ( Only one day !!! )

    Happy Holidays ! And stay Safe

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    Senior Member gentlecook's Avatar
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    Only on natural stones ?

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    ...Hehe, looks like someone might be trying to raise a bit of holiday cash!

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    Nehh holiday money is safe

    Just in a holiday spirit and for fun, this day only thought.

    Also will like to start Fresh Next Year

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    Cursed storm!

    Maxim, you got me again. Hakka!

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    I have no idea why would I want another stone. Yet it so hard to resist! Damn… that storm is coming here tomorrow and I'm gonna sit home for the hole day and keep looking at those stones. Damn!

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    Seriously, surpise sales and changing stock make the JNS site interesting. Max has me watching all the time.

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    Yeah, you got me too. Thanks for running the sale!

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    Yeah this deal was pretty irresistible. Picked a couple things I've had my eye on. I'm happy to see some one got the nakayma sunashi kitta. That has been tempting me for so long.
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