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Thread: 8 3/4" Mareko Maumasi "Chef's Knife"

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    Awesome, looks great and killer distal taper, will be interested in a follow up after some use.

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    where can one purchase one of these gorgeous knives?

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    Epicurian Edge

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    Still loving the knife after using it for a few weeks. It works just as well as I'd hoped for cleaning up meat & removing silverskin. Does a pretty nice job slicing the meat once it's cooked, too, and now it has a lovely peacock patina from slicing hot bloody beef. Great for veggies so far--except potatoes. You can amaze your friends and family by cutting a potato then waving the knive about with great gusto--abracadabra! Magic potato adheres to the knife! Not so bad near the tip, but I was making slices (about 1" thick) at different places along the knife just to see what it would do. If I were doing a lot of taters I'd use a different knife. I'm still amazed by how nimble the knife is--things that I'd normally use a petty for can be done easily with this one. This one definitely has me doing a happy dance!

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