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Thread: What knives would you never sell? Forever Keepers.

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    I love my Will, not Willy! Great knife real workhorse, Heiji S/S great knife.

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    I thought I had a few life long keepers, but as I've amassed newer knives, I've realized I could probably let them go. So, although I have some current favs, I'm guessing someday I'll have a newer, hotter knife of the moment.

    All that being said, my personally designed 250mm in 52100 has some sentimental value...
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    I would have to say at the moment, Just about all my Harners would be keepers... but I, like most other people here could be swayed by newer things... More than likely newer Harners!

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    I just sold 20 or so knives., many I thought I'd never sell. My only rule now is keep the knives that were given to me. The rest are sellable.

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    Sell knives?... Please explain this concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    well, guys I never thought I would sell most of my knives but, I did. I have the one Pierre made me as a special personal gift, I can't sell that one and I am more then likely keeping most of Chef's personal knives. Oddly, the one I gave to Eamon to work on actually, came back to me in the whole Catchside/ Burke utility knife debacle. I never thought I would sell the Dragonslayer Set but, it looks like the only way For me to get out of here is to do it. I'm holding out as long as I can though.lol
    Where does one see pics of the dragonslayer set? Heard it mentioned it many times, must be quite epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ar11 View Post
    Where does one see pics of the dragonslayer set? Heard it mentioned it many times, must be quite epic.


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    I've recently been asking myself this question an awful lot, lately. My definite keepers are:

    Rodrigue Pettysuki - it's my prize
    Misono Moly 210 gyuto (my wife bought it for me as my first j-knife and it truly does kick ass)
    Carter 7.4 sun KU Suji with custom handle - Rick made it attainable at a time that I thought I'd never own a knife like it.
    Harner Mini Gyuto - I've had multiple offers on this one and have turned them all down.
    Davis Dammy Petty - I was keeping either it or my gyuto and I sold the gyuto (I considered the one i didn't sell a gift from a friend)
    Catcheside gyuto. It just makes me happy.

    That's it, for now.

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    The Catchside eh? That's awesome!

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    My 15" Carbon steel "Monge" from Zaragoza Chef´s knife. Others from my team are acquirable.

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