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Thread: What knives would you never sell? Forever Keepers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybett View Post
    I've been more interested in picking up knifes to try out a maker, a type of steel, or different knife pattern. Often times I've been surprised, knives that were held in high regard by the forum, didn't do much for me. While knives that the forum didn't care about, fit my style.
    I have done the same thing. I wanted to figure out what I like, so Ive tried W1, AS, AEB-L, O1, VG-10, and 52100. Some I liked more than others, but one thing I have noticed is that you cant really go with steel if the heat treatment hasnt been done correctly. Who cares if you have a AEB-L or a 52100 if it hasnt been done right. Thats what keeps me away from a lot of the new makers out there. I dont feel like spending a premium as they figure their craft out.

    Back to the topic...

    At the end of the day, I think I would only keep my Takeda. It was my first and has sentimental value but that might change when/if I get a custom.

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    My sakai yusuke KS swedish stainless gyuto

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    Watanabe 240 gyuto with mario handle and a recent DT ITK 240.. Have used a fowler 270 suji with custom handle lately and its very nice, comment worthy, not sure about a keeper tho. Love the looks and profile, but geometry didn't work for me.

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    Speaking of which, your inbox is full Jared.
    'I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying.' Woody Allen

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddy yo yo View Post
    Never is such a long period of time...
    That depends on how old you are.

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    I am no pro but having tried some nice knives, my never sells are:

    Harner and hhh gyuto, Harner nakiri, catcheside petty, Davis suji and, while not a knife, Rodrique straightrazor.

    That is of course unless I see something I really want

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