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Thread: Opinions on a Knife Roll

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post Use this Tom, Takes up little space, light weight, rugged and holds knives up to 19in long
    I have about 15 knives in one of those right now, plus some other tools. Works great.

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    Colin's story about using his knives for self defense, made me think of how I frequently have mixed feelings when toting my bag on my walk home. I typically have up to $2-3k in knives plus gear in my bag. Depending on the time of night, it can be a little nerve wracking, especially since the new restaurant is in a seedier part of town(what better place for a BBQ joint?). On the other hand- I'm toting around what is tantamount to short swords, i.e. concealed weapons. Could get tricky to explain if the cops are feeling restless... I've been planning on getting my concealed carry, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't cover large edged items.

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    I remember the first time I got pulled over and a cop saw a large hot splitting cleaver in my back seat, text two was a box of 5mil contractor garbage bags and a whole case of delta black Magic (black nitrile) gloves. Needless to say he wanted to look in the trunk.

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    Super durable, way more so than my Ultimate Edge, really versatile and as a saya maker, you don't necessarily need something with slots for each knife.
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    The box

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    Mine is the brown one on the bottom. This ain't bad for $99! And the leather is soft and broken in too. Doesn't take up too much space when rolled out either and comes with a nice sized zip pocket. I also use the Ultimate Edge too.

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