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Thread: Going small options- kamagata vs ko-bunka

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    Going small options- kamagata vs ko-bunka

    I'm a home cook who appreciates nice tools. I find that I don't use my gyuto that often unless I'm doing a lot of prep or cutting something big. Mostly use the nakiri or 150mm petty. I've been thinking about something even smaller (but not a parer) for slicing the small stuff - garlic, radishes, hakurei, etc. Not that I need something like that, but it would be fun, I think.

    I'm thinking about a small two-sided kamagata (110mm) or small ko-bunka. I'm sure I would find other uses for either one, ie. kamagata as parer. Any thoughts?

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    Takeda ko-bunka. Love mine, use it all the time.
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