Each week I will be selecting a category of wood and designate it as the featured wood for that week.
During that time frame the "Featured Wood" will be on sale at 15% off the list price.
Plus you can have an additional 10% discount if you enter the letters forum in the field where it asks if you have a promotional code during check out.

This week's featured wood (12/9 thru 12/16) is all of our "Dyed & Stabilized" blocks.
There are a mix of different species and colors to choose from. At the time of this posting there were over 50 different "Dyed & Stabilized" blocks available.

Everything in the store comes with a no questions asked, money back guarantee.
Free US Shipping - $20 Flat Rate International Shipping or Free International Shipping for Orders over $100.
The store software will also apply volume discounts, 10% if your order is over $200, or 20% if your order is over $500.

Click on the photo to go to the section where the Featured Woods / Dyed & Stabilized Blocks are located.