What country are you in?

What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)?
240mm gyuto

Are you right or left handed?

Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic Wusthof handle) or Japanese handle?
Prefer Wa, but wouldn't rule out western

What length of knife (blade) are you interested in (in inches or millimeters)?

Do you require a stainless knife? (Yes or no)
no. not opposed to stainless, but most of the knives I use regularly are carbon and I have no issue caring for them.

What is your absolute maximum budget for your knife?
I'd love to keep it to $350 or so, but I know I would go higher for the right knife.

Do you primarily intend to use this knife at home or a professional environment?

What are the main tasks you primarily intend to use the knife for (e.g., slicing vegetables, chopping vegetables, mincing vegetables, slicing meats, cutting down poultry, breaking poultry bones, filleting fish, trimming meats, etc.)? (Please identify as many tasks as you would like.)
All general-purpose gyuto tasks. mostly veg, some boneless meats, etc.

What knife, if any, are you replacing?
none. I use a gesshin ginga 210 white #2 wa gyuto for most tasks currently. Love it, but looking for a change of pace to complement it. A little more length, heft, interested in something with a wide bevel (more on that later)

Do you have a particular grip that you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for the common types of grips.)
pinch probably 90% of the time

What cutting motions do you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for types of cutting motions and identify the two or three most common cutting motions, in order of most used to least used.)
push cut mostly, and whatever else I need depending on what I'm cooking. draw, slice, rock , etc.

What improvements do you want from your current knife? If you are not replacing a knife, please identify as many characteristics identified below in parentheses that you would like this knife to have.)

interested in trying a gyuto with a little heft and wide bevels. Performance more important than aesthetics, don't really care about damascus, etc. Max edge retention not critical...I cook at home very frequently, but no huge volume. comfort is important, which for me means spine and choil eased a bit.

My reservation here is that I'm maybe an average sharpener. I keep a good edge on my knives but don't have much experience with maintaining geometry, finish, etc. I'm curious about sharpening a wide beveled knife...but don't want to get something I'm likely to wreck in my inexperience (sharpening/thinning experience, that is...not concerned about damage through use).

Better aesthetics (e.g., a certain type of finish; layered/Damascus or other pattern of steel; different handle color/pattern/shape/wood; better scratch resistance; better stain resistance)?

Comfort (e.g., lighter/heavier knife; better handle material; better handle shape; rounded spine/choil of the knife; improved balance)?

Ease of Use (e.g., ability to use the knife right out of the box; smoother rock chopping, push cutting, or slicing motion; less wedging; better food release; less reactivity with food; easier to sharpen)?

Edge Retention (i.e., length of time you want the edge to last without sharpening)?

Do you use a bamboo, wood, rubber, or synthetic cutting board? (Yes or no.)

Do you sharpen your own knives? (Yes or no.)

If not, are you interested in learning how to sharpen your knives? (Yes or no.)

Are you interested in purchasing sharpening products for your knives? (Yes or no.)
may upgrade at some point, but have a reasonably good sharpening setup for now.

thanks in advance for any advice!