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Thread: Boker meat cleaver

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    Boker meat cleaver

    I saw one and it looked interesting but before I buy yet another (seemingly) antique meat cleaver I wonder if anybody knows anythign about this brand. How would one tell the age iof it? Is the company the ancestor of the current Boker knife company for example??


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    There was once a Boker cutlery company in the U.S too. I think they split off the German company around WW-1 for obvious reasons. Made pocket knives under the "Valley Forge" brand.

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    I remember Boker as one of first to the hunting knife market with ceramic blades. People that didn't hunt may have liked them. They now enjoy a good reputation for inexpensive camp/hunting knives with aus-8 blades. Have not heard of them in the kitchen knife world.
    Older and wider..

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