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Thread: An Update On Orders

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    sorry to hear that and hope for the best to your family.

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    So sorry to hear about your dad. My prayers are with him and you.
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    The best of wishes go out to you. I can totally relate to having a parent that are not doing well and boy does it make it hard to focus on anything.

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    Sorry to hear about that. I hope all goes for the best in this situation

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    Like everyone else said... family first. Best wishes for your father.
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    Prayers to you and your family.

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    Best wishes for your father. Enjoy family and life, work will be there when you are ready.
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    Thanks for your best wishes.

    A quick update. My father is out of intensive care and is in stable condition, though it looks like he might need another surgery. I will find it tomorrow.

    In any event I am back in the shop working, getting back into the rhythm.

    I again apologize for a lack or response on email and PMs (box is full). I will clear it tonight and try to respond to all who contacted me.

    Thanks again,


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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you

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    Best wishes for you and your family Marko. Take care of those close to you first, and everything else will into place in time. Be well.
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