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Thread: Japanese Knife Anatomy & Terminology Illustrated

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    Quote Originally Posted by larrybard View Post
    As someone who came to KKF recently to learn about knives and sharpening -- both of which I knew virtually nothing about -- the glossary was one of the first resources I went to. Frankly, I was a bit disappointed. Among other things, there are a number of commonly used terms, such as "choil," which don't seem to appear at all in the glossary (unless I have overlooked them). Don't get me wrong -- I'm grateful for the resource, and appreciate the fact that probably several people went to the time and trouble of putting it together. It's just that it's a bit frustrating to me that it seems a bit incomplete.

    The glossary will likely need to be updated, corrected, or added to over time. We just have to find a volunteer to take on the task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Oh hey!! Awesome thank you.

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