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Thread: Shiney new machine! [New Laser Engraver]

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    Shiney new machine! [New Laser Engraver]

    At long last we have a wonder new engraver (for me to play with)!

    Although we are currently only offering one font until we get more comfortable with the machine, this laser engraver can engrave just about anything on steel. Including black and white pictures in a specific file type, any generic Microsoft Word font, and all languages. We are still testing its picture and language engraving capabilities. We will release it when it is available but until then we are just sticking to the Lucida Calligraphy font.

    The price for the engraving service has not changed. It is still $15 per knife or $10 for 2+.

    We will probably have to do a different fee for pictures, because we will have to convert/touch up pictures unless by some miracle customers know what type of file in what condition to send us...

    Phoenix picture we tried engraving. Not bad, yea?

    Unfortunately we can't engrave wooden covers but it can do steel and I believe it can engrave ceramic. I'm not sure about ceramic because we haven't tried but we tried to engrave wood. The results really varied, so we aren't offering it.

    I'm just thrilled I can engrave punctuation marks!! (The little joys of life.)

    Thank you for reading!

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    seems like that has some nice potential as a theft deterrent

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    How about forearms?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDispossessed View Post
    seems like that has some nice potential as a theft deterrent
    Thats what we're hoping for. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dream Burls View Post
    How about forearms?
    I wish.

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    So Mari-san, is this service only for new purchased knives?
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    Nope! We can do any knife, but just letting you know the engraving might look a little bit different if it is not a brand we carry. The engraving may be a little darker, light, shallower or deeper. Since the material of the blade would be something we never tested and we're not sure how much we have to adjust the laser.

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    I can't wait until you start doing kanji. Ill have to send all my knives in then lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erilyn75 View Post
    I can't wait until you start doing kanji. Ill have to send all my knives in then lol.
    Technically, if you can type out what you want engraved and email it to us, so all we have to do is copy and paste, we can do it. We just haven't started it, because not everyone that uses the engraving machine knows kanji. lol We've tested it out though.

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    Engraver update: We can now do Japanese and Chinese characters.

    We are now moving on to working on images.

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