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Thread: What thickness stock for pairing knives?

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    Are you using ceramic belts?
    I just picked up some random 180grit 1x30 belts off of amazon, here's the description. "POWERTEC 111330 1-Inch x 30-Inch 180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt, 10-Pack "
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    You need ceramic belts IMHO. They will cut longer, better, and stay cooler than AO belts. Aluminum oxide is best for working with wood. Also I would start with a lower grit for most of the removal and then just polish out the big scratches with the 180. Also dip the blade in water after every pass that way heat doesn't build up between passes. Finally make sure you are only using sharp belts towards the end (and for the whole process, but especially toward the end) when a belt is dull it builds up heat a million times faster.

    Look at supergrit they have decent prices and pretty good selection for belts. I have nothing but good things to say about them, but I have a friend who got shorted (they forgot one of his sanding disks) on an order once. And buy more belts than you think you will need, it always sucks running out of belts mid-project.

    Have fun,
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    Thanks Mike!
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    Just realized that Supergrit is the same retailer that I purchase all of my Rhynowet Redline sandpaper from, they are great! Thanks again!
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    Anytime. Have fun and let us see how they turn out.
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    I'm a big fan of the Supergrit Bora-7 ceramic belts over their regular ceramic belts. Definitely worth the extra few cents....
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    Do it please and show pics Belts blah cheap........
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