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Thread: 270mm sujihiki suggestions $270 and under

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    270mm sujihiki suggestions $270 and under

    I am in the market for my first sujihiki 270mm - 300mm. Being that my budget is $270, I assume I won't be able to find a 300mm.

    Right now I have found a few sujihiki; Blazen from JCK or CKTG, Sakai from Blueway(white #2), and a few others that I am not remembering at the moment.

    Also, what sujihiki do you own? Which suji was your first? How much did you pay? Pics are nice.

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    Hattori KF from JCK. Great first suji. Tried and true. Not to thick, not to thin. Good steel, great fit and finish. Hard to go wrong with.


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    +1 on the Hattori KF.
    Doug Collins
    Hermosa Beach, California

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    Ohhhhhhh. I am looking at these now, the cocobolo handle looks nice.

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    Short of a custom, I've still not found a better suji than the Kikuichi Elite Carbon. If that leaves enough for a custom handle (haven't checked prices in a while) then it's damn sure a fine choice.

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    JKI has several that are well within your budget. I have an Ashi 270mm that I've been very happy with. The FnF is perfect, very thin and light, and a great cutter. Jon's Gesshin line is made by Ashi, and taken up a notch, would also be a great choice. Anyway, check out JKI, anything Jon sells will be top shelf.

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    Great, looking now at JKI and Carbon Elite.

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    Top shelf, eh? I would've said "upper drawer"

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    I'm a suji fiend. My gyutos rarely get used anymore because I love my sujihikis and petty for everything.

    sujis I currently have
    - 300 Konosuke white#2
    - 270 Konosuke HD (w/ ebony handle)
    - 270 Fujiwara FKM

    sujis I've since sold
    - 270 Kagayaki CarboNext
    - 240 Fujiwara FKH

    Here are my 270 suji recommendations with your budget:
    + carbon & wa-handle - Konosuke white#2
    + carbon & yo-handle - Kikuichi Elite
    + stain resist & wa-handle - Konosuke HD or Gesshin Ginga
    + stain resist & yo-handle - Gesshin Ginga

    You can look up some of my previous posts to see pics.

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