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Thread: Kim Chee. I love thee.

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    Cucumber and daikon make good kimchis.

    Some inspiration:


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    daikon radish kimchi's a pretty common one here. =D

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    south east florida
    my favorite is made with daikon stems and sliced pears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asteger View Post
    If you like kimchi that much, then next time you have a kid stick with traditional Korean practice and be sure to have 'myeok guk' seaweed soup every day for several weeks after.

    Lol this baby factory is closed. The last 2 were shockers to say the least. I have a 20yo, 2.5, and 1yo and I'm almost 40. Too old for anymore lol.

    That looks good though. I might have to see if it's on the menu at the little Korean place in town.

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    There is a lot of KimChi love happening in my area as well.

    Kohl Rabi makes an interesting kimchi and you get to practice your cutting skills. Here is my version made for a local pickle club that is fully vegetarian. Excuse the knife rant..recipe was written for a house of folks with very blunt knives.

    30g sugar (or to taste)
    30g Korean pepper powder
    3-4 large cloves of garlic
    3-4 cm of ginger peeled
    dash of soy sauce (preferably pure soybean but not tamarai)
    small amount of sour kimchee as starter (e.g. old kimchee)
    4 spring onions white to light green bits
    Sterilised jar; bleach will kill lactic ferments so wash carefully with boiling water..

    1. Get a really, really sharp knife…sharp enough to shave with, sharper than that is better. Blunt knife will mean not crispy nice kimchee… bonus points for using a nakiri

    2. Prepare a brine with 70g of swanky salt (sea or Himalayan) per litre of water . Ideally you use filtered or boiled water to remove chlorine. Swanky salt has trace minerals such as potassium that keeps your veggies crunchy and stop them from turning to compost.

    3. Add to brine

    1 Large Khohlrabi or a couple of small ones peeled then sliced into fine matchsticks
    1 diakon radish cut fine. I did quarters, match sticks are nice.

    leave for 4-24 hours in brine to relax and hang around but make sure it is all submerged.

    Next day

    1. Grate 3-4 cloves of garlic and ginger with a ceramic or sharkskin grater into large bowl. You can add more; but too much garlic makes it bitter and too much ginger makes it nasty!
    2. cut spring onions 3mm on slant (strop that knife again)
    3. Mix grated stuff and onions with pepper powder, sugar, soy and old kimchee in large bowl.
    4. Put your gloves on and wring out brined vegetables and add to bowl in small batches to ensure even coating.
    5. mix some more taste for salt/sugar.
    6. put in jar in dark cool place until ferment starts
    7. Place in fridge for 2-3 weeks to lurk gassing off every few days.

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    Spokane, WA aka Spokanistan, or Spoklahoma, or...
    I love kohlrabi. Have jars of it marinated from the summer time.
    Amat Victoria Curam Fortune favors the prepared.
    "A human being is primarily a bag for putting food into." -George Orwell

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    Weird. Kohlrabi is a winter crop here. It just came in last week.

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    Anyone tried lotus root? I'd imagine it could be really crunchy.

    And baby onions?

    I've not made kimchee before though I love it. This thread's encouraging me to give it a go. Thanks!

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