Buy/Sell/Trade Forum Guidelines

Eligibility - Members must have a minimum of 30 days and 50 posts (quality - on topic - non spamming posts) to use this forum for sales and trades, however, every member is welcome to purchase.

*Note - When a member reaches the minimum criteria to post in the BST section they will be granted the privilege automatically but not necessarily instantly. The software counters are automatically updated daily which means you may have to wait for this to happen and we ask for your patience in this regard.

This forum is for personal sales use only.

The B/S/T forum is not to be used by knifemakers, hobbyists, or vendors to sell or list items/services that are business related. They shall not offer to rework, refurb, upgrade, and/or offer warranty work to/of any items being sold in the B/S/T forum nor should they comment on or talk up products that they make and/or sell.

Eligible items (to be listed) - kitchen knives

Piggyback Posting -
Not allowed. Do not post items for sale in other member's sale threads.

Piggyback posting is forbidden. If done by members with insufficient eligibility to post in the B/S/T forum, will result in revocation of B/S/T forum privileges.

- Values must be listed for all knives/items being sold.

All sale prices must be listed in US$

- Payments, via Paypal, are to be made under the "Goods and Services" option. Sellers are forbidden to request, or require, "Personal Payments" (aka "Gift" option) for items being sold.

- The B/S/T forum is not a place for jokes, comments, discussions, recommendations, or suggestions on where to purchase products.

Negative comments in sales threads are forbidden and will result in revocation of B/S/T forum privileges.

- Should be made via PM only

(aka bringing your thread to the top) - A maximum of 1 thread bump per 48hr period is allowed although not required.

- Threads will be marked with the correct status of the transaction with a correct thread prefix. The thread should be closed by the thread starter at completion of the transaction.

- Using the B/S/T forum is a privilege reserved for our active members, access to the B/S/T forum may be revoked at any time for any reason.

The administrators, moderators, and KKF owners are not responsible for possible negative outcomes that may result from any sale/trade agreements made in the B/S/T forum.

By using the B/S/T forum you're agreeing to all guidelines posted here as well as those found in the KKF Terms of Use.

KKF accepts donations for the use of the B/S/T forum. This is 100% voluntary. See Donations Accepted for details.