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Thread: Carter funayuki -- Aogami super blue, ironwood

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    That's a good deal. Wish I saw it earlier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheezit View Post
    Are you sure? There are a lot available on a certain "free shipping of knives" online store right now...
    I was referencing Carter's. I have a Takeda and its great but I would like to see what Murray can do with that steel. At $250 I think this was a great deal. I'll have to keep an eye out to see if any more of these pop up.

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    I was, too. You said that this was the first of this length you had seen, and I was saying that I had seen several available on a certain site that are similar to the one that was purchased here. Here is an knife similar to the OP, currently available and new, for $272:

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    Cheezit, the one you show is a super white core steel with stainless cladding. The op knive had a super blue.

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    Well... there is no 'Super White', so that's the first flag in my mind. Murray Carter uses Shirogami #1 (White Steel #1). The OPs and the knife I shared are from the same batch that Murray made a long time ago. They were limited and not marked with an 'S' if I recall correctly.

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