I just got another batch of blocks back from getting stabilized at K&G.
Today I added a bunch of Stabilized Bog Oak blocks to our web store.
These are large blocks (5&7/8" x 2&3/8" x 1&1/4") so they can be used for large fighters or even matching pairs of smaller handle knives.
The log that these blocks were cut from was carbon dated to be 5460 years old. That is the date that the tree died and was buried in a swampy area in the Ukraine. Over the years the wood absorbed minerals from the mucky sediment turning the wood a dark charcoal/black color.
These blocks were cut quartersawn so they will show some rays and flecks. This batch cost me about 20% more than the previous batches but I am keeping the prices the same until after Christmas. (my wife's idea) After Christmas the others from this batch will be selling for $90 each. They are currently priced at $75 each.

Each of the blocks will come with a copy of the carbon dating report for this wood.
Here is a group photo of the new blocks I just added to the store. The camera flash makes them look a bit lighter than they will in person.
If you click on the photo it will take you to where these blocks are located in the store.

Several of the forum members here have used this wood on knives. Anyone who has is welcome to post a photo in this thread as well as any comments. Myself, I have Bog Oak on more of my own knives than any other wood. I really like this wood.