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Great news Randy! I had to put away all my knives except for one because we have has a 2 year old in the house. The one I picked to use exclusively was the HHH. Such a great knife!

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A wonderful western style gyuto. These really take a great edge and it holds up very well and it's very nimble for its size. My "All American" mag bar is populated with Carter, Devin, Ealy, Fowler, and HHH and it's like eeni meeni miny, moe who's getting a work out today? Great production knife Randy.

Im super stoked to hear you guys are digging the Production chef knives! Thanks for the update!!

I have only a couple of these 240's left. Its time to move them out and help offset the costs of the floor coverings for the new HHH world headquarters..

Stay tuned for announcement/Post with pricing info. and how to get in on the SALE.