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Thread: First D-shape Handle and Mount

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    First D-shape Handle and Mount

    My first go at this. Usually handle westerns but scored a sweet vintage Goodell 8" Chef's knife off Ebay that needed some love.
    One piece Cocobolo. Would love some criticism from you experts.


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    Great improvement, and a nice piece of wood.
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    That is pretty awesome. I am still a little scared of trying my first d handle. Also that is some awesome wood.
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    It's got more of a diamond shape to it then most D-handle I've come across but man does it feel great in my hand. I could prep for hours with this thing and never want to put it down. Thanks for the kind words! It was a lot of fun, I think I will be doing more Wa handles in the new year!

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    Looks great, M.

    Take a look around at:

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    That handle looks really nice to me. Cocobolo texture is just stunning.

    Have you considered tapering it a little bit like Kramer and Marko do ?
    What finish have you used on this?

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    not many handle makers do the d shape. but its my personal favorite and i know a few others that really love it here. keep at it! that looks like an awesome first attempt! beautiful cocobolo.
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    Nuh-unh!! That's your first try?! That looks fantastic! Great work indeed, man. From where I'm sitting it looks darn near perfect. Would love to hear more about how you did it.... maybe?

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    Did you use a disc sander to make the D-Handle? If not, what tools did you utilize? Lastly, the profile on that knife is dreamy, oh and nice handle !
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    That looks great!!! You sure used the cocobolo well to show of it's grain and color variation. What a great way to bring back a whole new life to a knife!


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