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Thread: Touching up knives at work

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    I've found stropping on finishing stones followed by newspaper at the start of every shift and my gyuto doesn't need "touching up" mid shift
    Even during heavy prep days. Sharpening about every 3-4 weeks.

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    I keep one of Marko's hard felt strops loaded with diamond spray in my knife box. It really has made a difference in the longevity of my knife edges.
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    Miles I use that mesh liner too.Keeps plates or stones from sliding on stainless steel counter tops.

    Geo stropping on finishing stones,little learning curve,but very effective technique.

    Seems like Diamond loaded felt is popular here.Never used it.Maybe time to get a pad & spray try it out.

    Someone here don't remember who turned me on to Star Shaving Supplies.They sell a 3" X 10" leather strop,wood base ,rubber type feet(nice portable size)If you buy 10 of them it's even cheaper less than 11.00 each..That's what I did, only have one left.Teach strop tech. so they don't round edges.

    I have seen so much damage wt. guys trying to use diamond steels as a sharpening tool.Appreciate your imputs good stuff

    So no splash & Go stones yet?Never used one of these either.S&G wt. a spray bottle?

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    That mesh liner is fantastic stuff. When I sharpen with my Shaptons I use a spray bottle with H2O.

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    I typically just switch between knives, and keep a diamond stone on me to fix up my Chinese cleaver if need be, though some of my supervisors don't like it when I sharpen at work and I'm often stuck with no choice but to switch.

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    At my current job nobody is able to sharpen during shift... it sucks but I dont mind I always have 2 gyutos at one time and each has specific jobs it gets used for so in then end my edges last much longer and I sharpen basicly 1 time per week.

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    Four sided strop.

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    I keep my felt strop from Marko loaded with 1k diamond. Works damn well on most steels.

    Sometimes il take a jnat to work just to replenish and edge but rarely

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    Felt loaded with diamond works great for me mid shift.

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