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Thread: NYTimes article on knives

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    Hey, what's wrong with a nakiri? I turn to mine (3rd owner Tojiro Shirogami) more often than not. Cheap? Yep. Productive and fun to use? Absolutely, at least in my home kitchen.
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    I agree it is fun to use, I would not exactly call it versatile though. At least compared to a gyuto, suji, santoku, cleaver or longish petty.
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    Nice to read the United States is the number one importer of Japanese knives, in volume and sales first time in 2010

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    Id say the Chukabocho is the most versatile knife, one billon chinamen can't be wrong. Cleaver is my #1 for line work, has always been. Chinese cleaver is the 1st knife I bought. Was in 4th grade and had to have one Because that's what Martin Yan used and I wanted to debone a chicken in under a minute. Dad took me to a Restaurant supply store and I spent my own birthday money on it, don't remember how much it was but know that $10 was the usual birthday money in my house back then, Still have the cleaver.
    I'd credit Top Chef for spreading the popularity of high end kitchen knives, ray-ray (Daves pet name for the batter licker) uses crap knives, so do most on FN, Bobby boy teaches bad knife skills and habits, even Gordon looks like a fool to me the way he steels a knife, must do mor damage then good. Side note I watched GR's Christmas show and thought it was crazy and funny as hell that he had his young daughter stand on a pot over a hot stove and stir something, and creepy that he mouth kisses her... must be a English thing. Speaking of English I find it funny as hell also that Todd appears to be drunk in every show he does..watched him wonder around the stage on one show and do a funny monkey dance. Sorry for the long OT side track but thought some may find it funny.

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    Morimoto also makes these really interesting proof, listen to him at around :50

    Anyways, I'm quite surprised that they haven't mentioned the other popular custom knife makers (Devin, Rader, Haslinger etc). Just Kramer and the guy from Brooklyn; this probably means that one of our preferred custom makers needs to come to NY

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    I AM in NY. I just have to make a name for myself.
    The marketing Cut Brooklyn has done is phenomenal. I got to give Joel credit for it.


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