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Thread: Unicorn Knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevinT View Post
    Buster Warenski was the greatest knife maker ever.

    Agreed. I owned one of his hunters many years ago. It was strictly a utility grade knife, but the workmanship was absolutely flawless. Didn't seem to matter to Buster whether he was making a six figure collector's piece or one to be used to gut a moose; the standard was the same.

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    On a related note, this is going to be an expensive knife, what type of knife would serve the dual purpose of butchery and finer prep to avoid needing 2 custom made silver unicorn knives?

    Also to void totally thread jacking my "unicorn knife" is pretty much just a decent selection of Chinese cleavers to choose from and play with - hard to find a single cleaver worth buying let alone a collection where I can mull over silly minutia.

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    I was fortunate enough to try a Josh Dabney 240mm gyuto and fell in love with it..... really dig the knife.
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