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Thread: What do you read?

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    Dan silva novels are fun, Nelson demille, riddle master series, sparrow and children of god, the historian, cutting for stone, ken follet pillars of the earth and world without end, pat conroy, lonesome dove and sequels...... so many. Great thread though, always looking for good reads

    I agree about Robert Jordan series , but honestly got tired of them after the seventh or eighth one.

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    Yeah. It was meant to be 6 books long and then the book company told him to make it longer, so 5-like 9 or so are supposed to be slow but I heard it picks up and ends amazingly. I am rereading from the beginning to the end. I'm on 6 right now, I never got past 8 before.
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    Love me some Ken Follet. Read pillars of the earth about 15 Year's ago and think it's high time to read it again. Got my wife to read it a couple years back after telling her about it for some time. She loved it and is now a Follet fan herself.

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    Christopher Moore
    Neil Gaiman
    Jim Butcher
    Brandon Sanderson
    Isaac Asimov
    Douglas Adams

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    Jim Butcher both series. Love the Dresdian files.
    Robert Jordan, got to about bk 9. It makes sense about it getting stretched out, it really starts dragging way to much.
    C.J. Box Game warden in Wyoming is not boring at all. Makes good mystery reads.
    Sue Grafton easy quick read.
    Frank Herbert loved the Dune series
    Lee Child Movie got me reading his Jack Reacher series. Of coarse the books are better than the movie.
    Michael Connelly, read The Poet almost 20 years ago and still one of my favorite books
    Raymond E. Fiest Magician is a must read for anyone that loves to read.
    Fred Saberhagen love his Berserker series
    Ugh, how could I forget Elmore Leonard. Haven't read any of his westerns, but then again his view on mob/cops is quite entertaining.
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    just read the whole dune series,all of the wheel of time series, all of the Malazan empire series, All of Tolkiens books, All of Mark Twain?s stuff and Ullysses, The Illiad and The Aeneid, The complete Sherlock Holmes and am now reading the complete works of Dickens. just finished Oliver Twist an hour ago. Not to mention a bunch of William Johnstones Mountain man series and a bunch of Louis La'mour. Read Aesop's fables, Andersen's fairy tales and Grimm's fairy tales. the complete tales of Robin Hood. I think I've read about 60,000-70,000 pages this year.
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    anything by Robert Silverberg I love, and of course the whole A Song of Ice and Fire thing

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    Everything from Nabokov to Stephen King,Neil Gaiman to Dickens. Being Scottish I do like Scottish authors such as Iain Banks ,Ian Rankin and Irvine Welsh.I like Pratchett but thats about it as far as fantasy goes.Never got into Scifi /fantasy with the exception of Neuromancer or Tolkein.Ian Banks is very well regarded as a Sci-fi writer under the name of Iain M Banks.

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    I usually prefer other genres then fantasy/fiction, but besides what others has already mentioned, I really enjoyed Robert Lynn Asprin's Myth series. Read it about 10 years ago and it was brilliant. Probably more suitable for children, but still pretty good.

    There are few really nice Russian authors who writes fiction. I can recommend Sergey Lukyanenko with his series of Night Watch/Day Watch/The Twilight Watch/Last Watch. Awesome books. They are available on Amazon translated to English. Those are the most twisted and interesting fiction books I've read so far. There are also movies based on those books, but skip those.

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    I read Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series from Fritz Leiber a long time ago. As far as I remember it was a solid sword & sorceries series with a lot of small stories. Some of them were really good, others more average.

    The wheel of time series slows down after the 5th book if I remember well with too many characters and separate events, but it actually focuses back on the action in the 3 last ones which I read recently. So for those already far in, it's definitely worth reading.

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