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Thread: KKF Kitchen Compendium

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    KKF Kitchen Compendium

    I've been using Google drive a lot this past week, developing recipes, inventory spreadsheets, order guides, mise en place lists, etc. You know, real fun kitchen stuff. I've been using drive so that my staff can access this information at all times.

    It got me thinking. What I propose is, why don't we all share everything on a google drive so that we can all access everything? Together we could easily amass a literal TON of useful kitchen information.

    I could contribute, recipes, spreadsheets of all kinds, banquet packages, menus, training manuals and quite a few other useful kitchen documents. I'm sure there quite a few of you here who could easily out do my contribution. I haven't figured out all the details yet but I wanted to get this post going to get the idea out there.

    So what are your thoughts on this and who would like to help or contribute to the amassing of the greatest kitchen compendium of all time?///
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    I would enjoy this and have a bunch of excel sheets for all kinds of stuff to share

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    I can't contribute much. But this would be a very interesting project.
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    +1 to what greasedbullet said. Not much I can contribute, 10 years ago a quite a bunch. Would like to see how this goes
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    This sounds quite beneficial. I'd be glad to spread some charcuterie info around.
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    Oh wow I would love this. I am not pro but have some solid family stuff that is damn fine.

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    I am not a pro but would definitely contribute as much as can

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    This sounds like a great idea , I'm not sure if what I do will translate, but I'll have a look, and hopefully I can contribute something helpful.
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    I would be interested in sharing some interesting things I have learned along the way and would be nice to see how others are operating as well. Let me know if I can help in brainstorming somehow.
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    I think this is an extremely good idea. I could contribute to a few recipes and all. Let's get this started!

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