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Thread: First Japanese Gyuto!!!

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    First Japanese Gyuto!!!

    What country are you in?




    Are you right or left handed?


    Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic Wusthof handle) or Japanese handle?


    What length of knife (blade) are you interested in (in inches or millimeters)?

    240mm-270mm preference for 270mm
    Do you require a stainless knife? (Yes or no)

    What is your absolute maximum budget for your knife?


    Do you primarily intend to use this knife at home or a professional environment?

    Home environment, i love cooking and knives.

    What are the main tasks you primarily intend to use the knife for?

    General use I cut a lot of meat probably same quantities as a professional chef once a week. But other days just general. Plus cutting of vegetables.

    What knife, if any, are you replacing?


    Do you have a particular grip that you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for the common types of grips.)

    Pinch grip

    What cutting motions do you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for types of cutting motions and identify the two or three most common cutting motions, in order of most used to least used.)

    What improvements do you want from your current knife? If you are not replacing a knife, please identify as many characteristics identified below in parentheses that you would like this knife to have.)

    I love Damascus cladding and I want a laser preference for a carbon blade. Fit and finish and handle isn't important as I will hone it thin the blade later and rehandle.

    Do you use a bamboo, wood, rubber, or synthetic cutting board? (Yes or no.)
    Bamboo and wood

    Do you sharpen your own knives?
    Yes and no. Currently yes on ceramic rollers but will be investing into stones.

    If not, are you interested in learning how to sharpen your knives?

    Are you interested in purchasing sharpening products for your knives?


    As mentioned previously fit and finish isn't the priority. I don't mind waiting or putting up with hassle to get the right knife. I like unique and Individual products preferably from small manufacturers. I respect people who make things for a passion. So all I really want is a awesome blade with a Damascus finish. I love caring for things so would like a carbon blade too. The blade would be upgraded later too. From my previous posts you can see I was interested in metal master Tanaka knives so that may give you a feel for what I'm attracted too.

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    I haven't lived the life I wanted, just the lives I needed too at the time.

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    The Tanaka blue steel damascus is well within your price range.If you get a J-Carbon Gyuto get a good medium whetstone too & learn to freehand sharpen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithsaltydog View Post
    The Tanaka blue steel damascus is well within your price range.If you get a J-Carbon Gyuto get a good medium whetstone too & learn to freehand sharpen.
    Yeah and its the one I keep coming too. But if there are any other similar makers or just any other options id love to have a look. I'm after the best blade for my buck which meets my criteria - rather than the whole package.

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