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Thread: New gyoto, new to *** knives!

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    New gyoto, new to *** knives!

    Hi everyone,

    Home chef with little cooking experience in a line restaurant ( was prep and line cook at the keg for a whole summer). And now just cook at home for family and friends. I really like it and want to develop my skills and sharpening skills. So i definitely want something to grow with.

    I originalli started checking knives as a Sanelli block was on sale, then a friend of mine has a set of Global which infell in love with. Did a bit of research and here is my tastes and approx budget for now.

    By reading, everyone seems ro recommend good chef knife , utility knife and bread knife. I have an ok bread knife and dońt really eat bread all that much anyway. Got a wok for christmas and i really love vegetables and meat and that's what I'll be cooking most with the occasionnal fish.

    I want something to do everyday jobs cutting/chopping and something to cut through whole chickens and portion a big piece of meat ( like the big pieces they sell at Costco for example)

    My budget is +\- 200 $ for knives only. I really seem to like the laser type knives although the cheapest I saw is the Richmond at 215$. Which would mean no utility ( petty is the same right?)

    What would you recommend ? 240 gyoto or Santoku? And what about utility knives? I don't mind a knife I need to sharpen bur I think I would mind a knife I have to sharpen everyday.

    Thanks for your help!


    - Approx 150-200$ or less
    - I will learn to sharpen, never did before
    - Left-handed
    - 240 Gyuto
    - Open-minded!
    - Would prefer a chef and a utility knife, but only 1 good chef knife can do!
    -would like to use traditional *** handles
    - i dont care the extra maintenance of Carbon, I am very lost in the different steels!

    P.s I posted on another forum but this one seems more open to the WHOLW world of knives and not just a small niche. And glad to join you guys here!


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    Welcome to KKF.

    Gesshin Uraku stainless wa-gyuto 240mm. Since you mentioned the need to portion big cuts, you want the length of a gyuto vs a santoku. The Uraku is SS as you noted you didn't care for the maintenance requirement of carbons. And lastly, it's a wa handle. If you can spend more, then a Sakai Yusuke or Gesshin Ginga will be lasers.

    Utility is a petty. I'd go with a parer instead of a utility. And you keep you under budget, a victorinox paring knife is my recommendation.

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    Thank you very much!

    What I meant is I don't care taking care of my knife! It is gonna be my only gyoto in a while and I am going to treat it like my new baby regardless of the kind of steel! Checking the mentioned knives, it is so hard to make a choice!

    Lasers look really nice cutting experience and fun to handle but don't really wanna go over 200$... For now!

    Thanks again really appreciate your selection.


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    +1 on the victorinox. If you only have $200 to spend get a nice gyuto and a cheap parer.
    Here are some suggestions.,,,,
    That last one is a little over. Just a heads up if you increase your budget by $50 for a gyuto your option will go way up. A lot of quality chefs knives are between $200-$250. I personally would go with the Hiromoto AS or the carbonext if that was my budget. The carbonext are on sale right now and the 240 is only $128. In fact you could get the 240 gyuto and a 150 petty for $198.
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    Thank you!

    Unfortunately all of these are the western handles and I really like an Japanese handle, oval has been the most confortable I've tried (just holded some in a local shop here)

    The Gesshin Uraku looks nice either carbon or SS

    http://www.This Site Not Allowed I have been suggested this knife too.

    This Tojiro looks pretty nice too: http://www.This Site Not Allowed

    A nice Kurouchi white #2 knife : http://www.This Site Not Allowed

    Jon from JKI also refered to this knife.

    Again, SS or carbon I don't mind. Left-Handed so need a nice grind. Prefer thin and or light-medium weight.

    It is not only reserved to these choices, just some knives I've found searching around!

    Hppy new year and thanks for the help!

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    This site is not allowed here? What is happening! hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexG View Post
    This site is not allowed here? What is happening! hahaha

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    Thank you Dave! If there is a thread on this I will try to find it. If it is to support hand-made knife makers and smaller size retailers, I'm all up for it too!

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    My guess is "***" is you typing "Jay ay pee" which is considered by many Japanese to be derogatory.

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    I didn't know, sorry.

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