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Thread: New gyoto, new to *** knives!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexG View Post
    Thanks. Hesitating on three of the JKI listed.
    I don't think you can go wrong with anything from but JKI, but I would call Jon (the owner) and let him guide you. Jon will not sell you anymore knife than you need, and will know more about the pros/cons of each than anyone. Very easy person to talk to.

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    I'm in Canada so it might cost a arm and a leg to get the call. Also, contacted him about his knives and he's really busy with the holidays so I didn't want to slam him with emails and questions.

    I'm just not sold on carbon over SS. It changes so much from maker to grind to heat treatment... I am really lost and can wait for Jon to clarifybthe difference between the different blades. I am really thrilled about all this!

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    Pm me when you are through your e-mails and We can maybe fix a skype appointment call?

    Thanks so much.

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    After some questions and arrangements, decided to pull the trigger on a 240 Gesshin Uraku in Stainless Steel! Thanks for all of your input, just waiting for Jon's crazy schedule to calm down a little

    I am REALLY thrilled. Getting a King's 1000/6000 whetstone to learn the basics too! Will practice on my and family's Faberware blocks! haha

    Go J-Knives! tHANKS KKF!

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