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Thread: Advise needed for a young chef.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda View Post
    You're working as the sous. Ask for the proper title and wages otherwise walk out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianlsx View Post
    I'm not really interested in titles at the end of the day, what matters most is the pay. I would love to walk out but it's against my principle to just walk out and leave like that. I've also made an unwritten agreement with my head chef that if I were to leave I would give him 2 months notice instead of 1

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    thast gotta be a 2 way street. you are giving loyalty and respect to your job but its not giving you that same loyalty and respect.

    its not giving up to leave a bad situation for a better one

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    I am not from your biz, but know similar situations. I take it you like the place, but feel exploited. I would recommend:
    1. Ask for a testimonial (if thats the right word, english is omly my third language). Have one prepared with all the duties and extrajobs listed you did in the past. So no one can say, theres no time. They just have to sign it, takes just a second.
    2. If they havent understood yet, use this to apply for another job.
    3. Take the other joboffer to your boss and ask him, if he is willing to rival that offer.
    4. if they dont, quit and never look back...

    Be assured that no one ever, ever, ever (did i say ever?) will thank you for the extra BST you are giving, just for them having a better time...
    Maybe one last little trick. If the boss gives you another task on top on your already exausting duties, just say:
    "Of yourse, no problem. Please tell me, which of my current task i should not do instead"...So your offering a constructive and positiv Input, but dont get exploited even more...

    Greetings Benjamin

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    I'm fifty six years old and can tell you walking out is NEVER the answer. It will alway's come back to haunt you. Unfortunately there is really no definative answer. I believe that anyone that has the passion to be a chef, will experience these feelings &/or issues during their professional career at least once and more than likely many times, it's just human nature. As Chef Son said: "welcome to the restaurant business." It is what it is. If they are asking you to do more, than ask them: "what do I get for doing this additional task?"

    We could go on about this for a very long time. For me, the bottom line is, if you are not happy with an added task &/or job duties, you must confront your supervisor, chef, owner, whatever, as soon as possible. DO NOT let you dissapointment fester to long or you will be in the situation you are in right now.

    And yes, you are correct: doesn't matter where you go there will alway's be some type of issue or problem.

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    The head chef is under a lot of stress and obviously you are doing a damn good job picking up the slack of others. If the head chef is telling you to be more aggressive with the team that is an honor. Don't be the nice guy...when you see something executed substandard, let them know...You don't have to be a jerk but you don't have to be nice.

    Let them know "I am not gonna bust my ass every morning for you guys to come and screw around!"

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    At your age you should never be in one place for five years. I understand the loyalty you feel, but you will be completely renewed by putting in your two weeks. Go staige at great restaurants, get a job and learn new cuisine and techniques.

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    go get out of there and experience something new re ignite your passion. if you don't keep it fresh and new you get stale and nobody likes stale bread.

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    go work in the best place you can, dont be concerned with pay or working too much. learn everything you can

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