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Thread: 1st Annual Seattle International Knife Show

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    I spent a bit of time looking at his knives and was impressed with his building ability. He and I chatted that his knives felt a bit "right handed" because he is a right handed user himself and the final feel was from a right handed person. If you were to be a lefty you might have issue or ask him to massage the handle a bit. As for specifics in the blade geometry I really don't have much memory after seeing so many other amazing knives at the show. Erik was great to chat with and was grateful for our conversation.
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    Hi @stereo.pete ... Erik's chef's knives were pretty amazing. Good enough, in fact, that I got a few of them! The blade geometry seemed very good, with the shapes being nicely Japanese influenced. Thin edges, nicely rounded handles. I'm looking forward to posting them on Epicurean Edge and seeing other's opinions. We may have another custom knifemaker turned into a high performance custom chef's knife maker!


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    Did anyone get a chance to look at the kitchen knives from Erik Fritz J.S.? Just curious as to what thoughts those of you who saw them in person had.

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