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Thread: DHL invoice after getting a JNS shipment in the US?

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    98% of times people don't pay any taxes or duties, when I ship to US, however I have seen that US customs tend to take stones or knives names and label them As cloths where the taxes is highest, you just need to complane and don't pay anything

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    I forgot to mention. The first time I got a duty invoice I ignored it (as I've done in the past with UPS). DHL sent my bill to collections. Total due was around 40 bucks.

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    DHL really will send you to collections... they take it very seriously. FedEx and UPS are the same in this regard.

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    I don't do any importing so maybe this isn't a great analogy, but I thought it was a funny story about tricks people use to get around paying tariffs.

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    It seems you in the US are luckier then I am. Whenever I get something abroad via UPS, DHL or FedEx (abroad means overseas as not in continental Europa or UK), I almost always have to pay import duties, and custom fees. The only time when they're not applicable when the item is marked as gift.

    Last bill was around $45 for a $60 straight razor sent from LA to me. Makes a cheap razor not so cheap

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    Just got back from Vacation and try to sort out that mess

    For All US Costumers that got that extra Bill from DHL, Please contact me show me the bill and i will set in extra credit to your next purchase.

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    Amazing/above and beyond customer service, Maksim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timthebeaver View Post
    Amazing/above and beyond customer service, Maksim.
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    I threw away my DHL invoice. Dammit !

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    Just send me email anyway, i tend to trust KKF members

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