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Thread: DHL invoice after getting a JNS shipment in the US?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    Just got back from Vacation and try to sort out that mess

    For All US Costumers that got that extra Bill from DHL, Please contact me show me the bill and i will set in extra credit to your next purchase.
    I appreciate the offer, but not necessary for me-I only raised the issue since I didn't know if it was 'normal' or not to get the duty charge as a U.S. recipient of honing stones from JNS. For me, it's an issue between me and DHL--not your problem. I didn't mean for this to be an issue for you, and certainly not during your vacation

    Thanks for the very generous offer though--great customer service!!

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    I got two from dhl and 1 from fedex this month. For a total of around $200. The weird thing is I've ordered many times from maxim and other international merchants and have never had this come up. Oh well. It was still worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    Just send me email anyway, i tend to trust KKF members
    That's not necessary for me, since the charge was not too much.

    Everything is A-Ok for me

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    Maxim thats very, very generous! Thats why people love you over here!

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    The tactics used by DHL Australia on this matter left me with an incredibly sour taste in my mouth.

    Almost a month (or more) after receiving my package from Maxim I got my 'invoice' from DHL. I say 'invoice' as at first I was mostly convinced it was a scam owing to the strange page layout and general presentation, though odd that a scam would still come by post!

    Then the second letter of threat/demand arrived, citing 'repeated attempts to contact me or recover funds' and I would be sent to a collections agency be given a bad credit rating and die of pox for being an evil person (maybe not the last one). This was only the second time they'd contacted me so apparently their use of repeated differs from mine.

    After some searching I found that lots of other people had been hit with this (in Aus) and it was always (apparently) exactly the same amount regardless of package value/content. The general consensus here was to call/contact DHL and have them explain, say some words and they would waive the fee this time, etc.

    Sent off a strongly worded e-mail and never heard from them again, no money paid.

    What really got me was the wording of the first invoice where it basically says 'we may not have even inspected your package or the container it was in yet to cover base costs we're charging you this fee'. Surely a standard cost of doing business should be included in the actual shipping fee? Madness.

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