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Thread: Looking for inexpensive J-knives (petty) to be gifted to relatives/friends

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    Looking for inexpensive J-knives (petty) to be gifted to relatives/friends

    As the subject states, I'm looking for inexpensive pettys that I can rehandle and gift to relatives.
    Ideally I'm looking for 150-180mm stainless petty for less then 50$. Both wa and yo handles would suit me. Ideally I'd like to ship them from Japan, cause it's much cheaper and faster then US/Canada/Europe. So probably would end up ordering from JCK or Ebay/Rakuten.

    Half year ago I've bought Tanaka 150mm damascus petty on ebay from 330mate. I'm still using it and consider to be a great value for a 50$ knife. Was going to order 2-3 of those but they aren't available on ebay anymore

    Right now I think I'll get Fujiwara FKM and Kanetsugu Pro-M from JCK. Both 150mm and cost around 50$. But those are "back up" options for me, in case I couldn't find anything more interesting.

    Pretty similar thread by Stefan also offered Tojiros. Are they any better then Fujiwara FKM or Kanetsugu Pro-M?

    Maybe someone here could help me find Shigeki Tanaka contacts? I'd love to order few blades without handles directly from him, if possible.

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    check out tanaka ginsanko as well.

    the tanaka damascus in blue steel is quite reactive according to most people on here.

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