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Thread: Naniwa Chosera 3000 cracking?

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    Thanks all! I'm glad this seems to be a recurring problem and not just user stupidity (though there's still some of that). I'll work on getting it mounted. Can one buy empty bases and just glue them one, or is the same time and effort to just make one? Also I'll stop soaking them. Is the DMT xx coarse too rough to flatten a 3000 grit stone? Should I look for something finer? I'm about to make a higher grit stone purchase, and I think I'll opt for the 5000 super stone instead of Chosera. Thanks for all the help!


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    tbott - " I soak the stone for about 30 minutes."

    Choceras are suppose to be slash-n-go, I think people are soaking them to long. To many long soaking and long drying sessions.

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