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Thread: Sujihiki and Yanagiba lengths

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    Sujihiki and Yanagiba lengths

    How come yanagibas are generally available in longer lengths than sujihikis? I almost never see a 330 mm suji but 330 mm yanagis are (relatively) common. In general, single bevel knives seem to be available in longer lengths when compared to double bevel knives. Is there a reason for this such as double bevel knives are just harder to craft in such lengths or are they just generally not used at such great lengths?
    My guess is that if somebody is willing to use a knife that's 330mm long they're probably willing to care and respect for a single bevel knife.

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    Tradition and use would be the reasons for me. The Yanagiba is a traditional knife, in large format it is associated with cutting large pieces of fish for instance. But the question did get me wondering. I'd say tradition is a big part of the equation. Discuss...

    I'm sure ease of care, sharpening dexterity, geometry, personal pref., material, ease of use or versatility in a commercial setting could be taken into consideration...

    Eat to live? -> live to eat... but as long as we are at it... eat very, very well!

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    Proper yanagi technique requires that the fish is cut with one fluid pulling motion, no sawing involve hence the longer blade length. But to be completely honest, very few japanese chefs actually use/own a 330. I have only seen 1 chef with a 330 takobiki and he never uses it. Most work places don't have work surfaces that can accommodate such a long blade.

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    I'm going to play with the "sujihiki as chef knife" thing (I said I wasn't). Glad they run 240-270mm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QCDawg View Post
    I'm going to play with the "sujihiki as chef knife" thing (I said I wasn't). Glad they run 240-270mm!

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