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Thread: looking for a Gyuto upgrade

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    Sapele Pommele Mag bar - whew, nice but expensive!

    The stones and knife are all nice purchases. I've got 2 of the stones myself.

    2 mystery items? Any natural stone included?

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    Beautiful knife, congrats with your purchase.
    I am curious what your experience with sharpening will be. I would love to have one of these knives aswell but the warning that it is difficult to sharpen scares me as a beginner from buying this knife.

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    Asteger, not natural stones. I guess such might only be indicated once i know how to sharpen decently enough.

    Richard78, so we are in the same boat, i am curious as well. My feedback on how the sharpening goes will take some time since it will take a while to for the knife to get dull a bit so i can try to sharpen it.

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    Hehe, I know one of the 'mystery items' -- a board.

    Get out your mineral oil!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asteger View Post
    Hehe, I know one of the 'mystery items' -- a board.

    Get out your mineral oil!
    nope, the boards i got some years ago.

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    I received the package, put the bar on the wall and used the Singatirin the first time as well. The bar is really nice to look at and has strong magnets. The Singatirin i like very much. It's light, but still feeling substantial enough. I like the finish and the simple no-fuss appearance. The straight hamon is there but it's not artificially made to stand out. Also, it feels quite stiff, which led me to the (wrong) assumption of the knife being stiffer than a clad knife. It cuts meat (all i tried as of now) very well.

    Maksim put three fingerstones in the package, to refresh the finish on my other two new kives after sharpening as well as a big handmade strop block. It's a block of nice dark wood, with big secure rubber feet and a thick horse leather glued on top and sprayed with diamond spray.

    Here's a little detail of the knife:
    Name:  Singatirin-detail-01.jpg
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    The other two items i got are a Yanagiba 300mm and a Deba 210mm from Shigefusa.

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